Francisco joined Elemara as a Project Manager and Senior Civil Engineer during 2013, having had several years of experience working in Libya and North Africa, working for both clients and contractors in a number of sectors including infrastructure, laboratories, housing, commercial and hotel & leisure. As a Project Manager Francisco liaises with the client, professional teams, contractors and specialists to ensure that the best interests of the project are met.

Fouad joined Elemara as a General Manager and is responsible for overseeing significant projects in Libya. Fouad has over 27 years experience in architecture and project management and has wored on a range of projects for a varying range of clients in the Libyan construction industry. He specialises in several methods of procurement and contracts, as well as developing strategies to suit specific client requirements.

Isam El-Basir is Founder and Chairman of Elemara Company for Construction. He also serves as P H Warr Libya’s Deputy Chairman and was responsible for securing the company’s largest single project and other major projects.