Elemara Company for Construction provides people with the living and work spaces they deserve to build the future they desire. Our company is driven to succeed in this task, guided by the hands-on management and technical expertise of our team and its partners.

Formed in 2008 and based in the heart of Tripoli, Elemara has built a strong reputation for innovation and enterprise in the general construction industry in Libya and has been involved in the execution of a number of high-profile construction projects, ranging from private properties to government buildings and public authority offices.

  1. Who we are

    Elemara for Construction handles a broad variety of activities focused on the general construction and maintenance of buildings using innovative and efficient technology. Read more.

  2. What we do

    Using innovative construction techniques and a sustainable approach, Elemara can plan, design, construct and maintain any type of construction project. Browse services.

  3. Our Projects

    Elemara has implemented a range of construction projects in Libya, ranging from residential properties to government and public authority buildings. View projects.

Our Projects